An Unconventional Skiltaire Party

This month’s flash fiction challenge, prompted by Jeffrey Ricker, involved a science fiction genre, auditorium setting and a computer tablet as the object to include. I’ve also decided to include original furry characters developed by Mark Merlino in this story, the skiltaire, and I mention his longtime mate, Rod O’Riley, as a mink! I hopeContinue reading “An Unconventional Skiltaire Party”

Raptors in the Kitchen

This (very short!) entry for Jeffrey Ricker’s Flash Fiction Challenge features an action-adventure genre, in a restaurant kitchen, with a lone sock. An interesting combo, but then, I can be quite the clever girl! ;3 Thanks for reading! “Clever girl!” Robert Muldoon’s last words echoed throughout the clearing. The other two raptors were busy dismemberingContinue reading “Raptors in the Kitchen”

The Great Blackout of 1989

This is the February entry for Jeffrey Ricker’s flash fiction challenge. Enjoy! The genre: Thriller, The object: A suitcase, The setting: A sewer You can also read this story on Archive of Our Own (AO3). With a grunt and a splash, the oversized rubber boots he wore hit the water lined concrete ensconced in darkness.Continue reading “The Great Blackout of 1989”

My Little Pony-My Strange Obsession

I’ve started customizing ponies again. I’m not entirely sure why…it could be stress. It could be a way for me to feel happy, as ponies have always brought me joy. It could also be an obsession rearing its head at a time when isolation is the norm…this return to making custom MLPs during a timeContinue reading “My Little Pony-My Strange Obsession”

Where to Go from Here…Rambly Post About Paleo Ahead…

I’ve been making art for a long time. Most of the time, this endeavor has been for me, as art and writing relax me. Being a self-made artist doesn’t pay the bills well, so I’ve had to lean on other career paths to keep me afloat. I’ve also been studying paleontology and dinosaurs for aContinue reading “Where to Go from Here…Rambly Post About Paleo Ahead…”

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