Just A Hair Late

November’s Flash Fiction prompt from Jeffrey Ricker involved the fantasy genre, set on a spaceship, with a hairbrush as the object to include. Enjoy!

The captain in a tight form fitting uniform strode onto the deck, a red alert siren blasting and coating the white spaceship walls red every few seconds.

They struggled to find their seat and puffed out a blast of air between their nostrils, their normally short cropped gray forelock now a massive swath of pastel rainbow.

The other crew members were struggling with their new manes and tails as well, equally irritated.

“Ensign Firebolt! Status report!” the captain grunted, stomping his large oiled hooves on the floor.

“I–hold on, captain–I can’t quite–ah!” the ensign tried to brush their forelock and mane aside, but each successive swipe of the equine’s hooved paws against their face led to more hair sprouting and weaving against it.

“What kind of treachery is this?” the captain bellowed in a deep angry neigh.

“Having a bad hair day?” crooned a familiar voice over the intercom of the ship, and a holographic projection screen lowered. One of the crew barely missed the screen and tripped over their luxurious new locks.

“It’s the unicorns!” another crew member was finally able to see past their unruly mane and point accusingly at the screen.

A beautiful buxom unicorn, with a white coat and pastel rainbow mane and tail, dramatically placed a hooved paw on her chest and feigned a look of surprise. “You’re blaming us for your dilemma? Captain Whinnypenny, I thought you knew better than to accuse one of your former lovers for this hair raising crime!”

“Well who else in this quadrant would be responsible?!” the captain snorted, sneering and trying not to inhale clumps of pastel hair in the process.

“The dragons, my dear! You were the ones leading the charge against them!”

“The dragons have been dead for centuries,” the captain waved off the unicorn. Everyone on deck noticed the longer their conversation went on, the longer their hair became.

“You might need one of these…” and the unicorn sent a large pink bristle hairbrush down a teleportation chute on screen. In moments, the hairbrush clattered on deck, and the crew stumbled and tripped trying to get it. The unicorn started to laugh, a devious one at that!

The moment the captain touched the hairbrush, it affixed itself to his rainbow mane, and burrowed within it, chittering like a hungry monkey.

Finally able to see, the captain realized a series of cloaked dragon bearing starships surrounded them!

“Oh, and your shields had better be up, too. I hear dragons are more eager to burn captain’s bridges than move across them…”

Published by Iara Warriorfeather

Diana Pomeroy is a community college professor by day and a sci-fi/fantasy author by night. Her nom de plume is Iara Warriorfeather. She has published a collection of flash fiction pieces online, with prompts from the award nominated authors featured in the Spoonie Authors Network. She has also published a series of fan fiction stories on Archive of Our Own about some of her favorite films and cartoon series, including: Star Wars, The Real Ghostbusters and My Little Pony. Aside from flash and fan fiction pieces, she is passionate about writing own voice stories that include characters who make their own paths to success while having physical and hidden disabilities, and coping with social anxiety and depression. This narrative is the central focus for her upcoming dinosaur novel, Iara’s Crossing. When she's not revising her courses, drafting her latest story, or drawing a dinosaur, Diana can be found reading books by her friends and colleagues in science and science fiction, listening to a myriad of dinosaur or science themed podcasts, watching YouTube videos from her favorite creators (including: Game Theory, Good Mythical Morning, Tabletop Time, Jazza, Moriah Elizabeth, Nerdecrafter, MyWorld, and MyFroggyStuff), and eventually finishing yet another custom My Little Pony project. Her plush Velociraptor, Iara, tends to accompany her on trips for photo opportunities. She lives with her Russian Blue cat Mochi in Southern California. She also prefers her tea like Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Earl Grey and hot (and would rather not spill it, thank you!).

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