Raptors in the Kitchen

This (very short!) entry for Jeffrey Ricker’s Flash Fiction Challenge features an action-adventure genre, in a restaurant kitchen, with a lone sock. An interesting combo, but then, I can be quite the clever girl! ;3 Thanks for reading!

“Clever girl!” Robert Muldoon’s last words echoed throughout the clearing. The other two raptors were busy dismembering the hunter while one made her way back toward the Visitor’s Center.

She could still scent the blood of the escaped youngling humans, enticing her to follow her sister toward them. But she took a different path inside the building, toward the back of the kitchen.

The floor was still slippery from the melted ice, which trailed back toward the freezer. Inside she heard the laments and last chuffs of her doomed sister, but a new scent made her nearly press her muzzle to the floor.

She tracked the scent with earnest, until she found it: a single torn sock, blue in color, stained with the youngling human’s blood. The concept of clothing fascinated her—why the humans could shed their cloth hides at will was beyond her reasoning. She sniffed the sock and gently grasped it between her conical teeth, blinking her olive green eyes several times to remember the scent pattern. She heard the barking chirp of her eldest sister, and ran through the adjacent dining hall, past the mural of dinosaurs, past the abandoned foodstuffs, toward the control room. She opened her mouth in a primal screech, the tattered sock drifting toward the floor.

She wasn’t sure how the tyrant had managed to squeeze inside the building, but rage flooded her mind as she leapt up at the bellowing monster. She managed to nip at the bulging neck muscles and sever a few arteries, blood gushing, but the tyrant clamped its giant teeth into her. A sudden warmth and ease passed over her as the world around her faded to black. Her body hit the floor halfway across the room with a sickening thud, and the tyrant reared up and roared in triumph as the banner reading “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” fell toward the wreckage of the Visitor’s Center.

Published by Iara Warriorfeather

Diana Pomeroy is a community college professor by day and a sci-fi/fantasy author by night. Her nom de plume is Iara Warriorfeather. She has published a collection of flash fiction pieces online, with prompts from the award nominated authors featured in the Spoonie Authors Network. She has also published a series of fan fiction stories on Archive of Our Own about some of her favorite films and cartoon series, including: Star Wars, The Real Ghostbusters and My Little Pony. Aside from flash and fan fiction pieces, she is passionate about writing own voice stories that include characters who make their own paths to success while having physical and hidden disabilities, and coping with social anxiety and depression. This narrative is the central focus for her upcoming dinosaur novel, Iara’s Crossing. When she's not revising her courses, drafting her latest story, or drawing a dinosaur, Diana can be found reading books by her friends and colleagues in science and science fiction, listening to a myriad of dinosaur or science themed podcasts, watching YouTube videos from her favorite creators (including: Game Theory, Good Mythical Morning, Tabletop Time, Jazza, Moriah Elizabeth, Nerdecrafter, MyWorld, and MyFroggyStuff), and eventually finishing yet another custom My Little Pony project. Her plush Velociraptor, Iara, tends to accompany her on trips for photo opportunities, and Diana considers her an emotional support dinosaur (although getting the official paperwork for this has proven impossible). She prefers her tea like Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Earl Grey and hot (and would rather not spill it, thank you!).

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